Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Use Press Releases in Your Internet Marketing Program

If you've ever felt reluctant to submit a press release because you weren't sure how to write an effective release, pay attention to the following advice. Writing a good press release is simpler than you may think.

A good press release is essentially a good news story. Any time your business releases a new product or does anything newsworthy you should create a press release to tell the world about it. The press release will be welcomed by journalists and internet writers whose job it is to educate and inform. They will either use your press release intact or use it as the basis for an article that they will write about your news and your company. The result? Publicity, credibility, and a stream of customers.

Therefore, you'll want to write as many press releases as you can. A good press release can be more valuable than an advertisement, generating more potential customers.

The elements of a good press release include three essential parts, the headline, the introduction, and the body. It is recommended that you put a lot of thought and attention into the headline. It should be informative and make the reader want to learn more. The introduction is short and interesting The body contains all of the who, what, where, why and when answers that a good news story requires. Since good news stories are people centered, these elements should be focused on the people aspect of the story.

Take care that the press release is timely, relating to something that has just occurred. It should also be brief and to the point, around 400 to 500 words in length. Be sure that the grammar and the spelling are standard and correct or else the press release will not be published. Lastly, make certain that the press release is factual and truthful.

It's a good idea to keep the paragraphs of the body short, about three or four sentences in length. This length will make the press release easier to read. Also, it is wise not to send extra material such as photos with the press release. If photos are important they can be posted on a website which is referenced in the body of the press release.

A couple of additional elements are commonly included at the end of good press releases. A short "about us" section provides some background information about your business and yourself. Some media contact information gives your contact person the information they need to be able to contact you.

The press release traditionally should close with the symbol, "###," which signifies that it is complete.

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